Plastic Pollution

Our society has the plastic tap turned on, pouring 18 billion pounds of plastic into our oceans each year. Recent studies estimate there to be 5 trillion pieces of plastic afloat in our seas. Accumulating plastics belong to over 200 polymer families, varying in composition and properties. At Bureo we work to keep the most harmful form of plastic pollution, fishing nets, from entering our oceans. We understand that, in many cases, the problem is not the fishermen but rather the lack of infrastructure available for when the nets meet their end of life. We work together with fisheries and local communities to provide an incentivized program to collect, clean, sort and recycle fishing nets into our NetPlus™ material, creating positive solutions for end-of-use fishing nets, employment opportunities for local workers, and funding for community programs. Though our focus is narrow, it’s a major piece in the puzzle to solve the plastic pollution crisis: the need for a circular economy to prevent waste from entering our oceans in the first place. We hope to extend our impact through educating communities and companies about ways to collectively work together to turn off the plastic tap. 

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