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Jenga® Ocean

Jenga® Ocean™ & Bureo. The first board game made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Jenga Ocean is made from over 25 square feet of nets proudly sourced through Bureo's Net Positiva recycling program. 

Featuring threatened marine animal block designs, players of Jenga® Ocean are encouraged to 'Save the Animals' through special edition rules.  Learning about the damaging impact of discarded fishing nets, which account for 10% of plastic pollution in the ocean, players will gain an understanding of how discarded nets are harming marine animals, and learn about what they can do to help. 

Hand drawn and inspired by the sea, the artwork behind Jenga Ocean is the work of Lake Buckley - a surfer, designer, artist, and explorer. All packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. 

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