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Bureo X Futures Surf Fin

Combining Bureo's certified NetPlus® material with Futures’ Compound 6 carbon and air infusion technology, the new Bureo x Futures Alpha Series fins are incredibly lightweight and resilient. Featuring advanced foil technology, the Futures template reduces drag and improves performance over standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins. Infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber and the lightness of air, this fin combines performance and responsibly sourced materials to create the next step in innovation from Futures. 

Futures F6 - Medium Thruster - Alpha Series Fins

Designed and manufactured by Futures in Huntington Beach - California, all recycled materials are sourced from Bureo’s fishnet recycling programs in Chile.

Release of the new fin is aligned with the 'Fin4Fin' campaign, a movement founded by The Lost Explorer and supported by Bureo to bring awareness to protecting our finned friends of the sea. A dedicated portion of proceeds from the campaign will benefit anti shark finning activism.