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Introducing Jenga Ocean

Original Art By Lake Buckley

Our Recycling Program


Discarded fishing nets account for 10% of the plastic pollution in the ocean. Our recycling program in Chile provides fishing net collection points that enable responsible disposal. Financial support is provided to local labor and participating communities, who are incentivized to keep plastic fishing nets out of our oceans. To date, our programs have recycled over 200,000KG of discarded materials. 


Providing a tangible solution for a difficult problem, we are finding solutions to keep harmful waste out of the ocean. Our programs provide education to youths in Chile, and in North America, educating them on our work and how they can be a part of the movement towards cleaner oceans. We are committed to supporting the communities we work in, showing that we can have a positive impact across our supply chain. 

Net Positiva - The Bureo Documentary

 Cocholgüe, Chile