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January 19, 2016 2 min read

“Together we can help them start a surf and skate culture that has a love and respect for Mother Nature as its foundation!” This quote from Dionne Ybarra, founder of The Wahine Project, is the kind of attitude that the Bureo team wants to encourage in young people worldwide, most recently through the opportunity to support programs at The Wahine Project.     

We are excited to work with The Wahine Project, donating a handful of skateboards to a group of girls in areas where they otherwise might not have access to surfboards and skateboards. Not only are we psyched to support their boarding, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to learn about how up-cycling can be used to prevent ocean plastic pollution. 

Like Bureo, The Wahine Project fuses environmental consciousness with the adventuresome spirit of skateboarders and surfers worldwide, tapping into the link between engagement with the outdoors and engagement with the global community. Through The Wahine Project, girls improve their surfing skills and build self confidence. But the organization is not only a surf school; participants go a step further, exploring their connection to the global community and the environment. The Wahine Project’s mission is not only to teach surfing, but also to encourage women to take leadership roles in the “growth of the sustainable surf community and tourism with environmental conservation as its foundation.” The Wahine Project operates across borders, working with girls along the California coast, as well as in Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. This winter, The Wahine Project will extend its work into the Caribbean.  

Sharing values with Bureo, Wahine seeks to promote a lifestyle enriched by a relationship with the ocean and to extend this connection beyond recreational fun to critical thinking about one’s place in the world.  This connection can act as a catalyst for action, a departure point for tackling global challenges. Founder Dionne Ybarra has “come to the understanding that more time in the ocean becomes a powerful vehicle for connecting girls to their own empowerment as well as a way to connect communities of diverse girls to environment, ocean and with one another. She created The Wahine Project to eliminate the barriers that may get in the way of those relationships and provide opportunities for them to grow.”

If you are interested in joining us to support The Wahine Project, please use discount code: donatewahine to send boards to the Wahine programs (donations will receive 40% discount). Note that all items will be donated directly to The Wahine Project. To learn more about The Wahine Project, and how you can support their programs, check out www.thewahineproject.org!

By Brooke Ortel