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November 03, 2015 1 min read

Appointed the ‘Secretary of Skate’ by our team, we recently met with Secretary of State John Kerry at the Our Oceans conference in Valparaíso Chile. Taking a moment away from the task at home (discussing climate change and issues facing our oceans), we talked surf stories, for which Secretary Kerry had a few of his own! It was incredible to share this moment with Ramon Navarro, who humbly talked on his recent surf exploration and work to protect Punta de Lobos alongside Patagonia and Save the Waves. He is an inspiration to our team, and a great example of an accomplished surfer and waterman fighting to protect the land and waves that he cherishes.

Hosted by the Department of State for the 2nd time, the Conference brought together representatives from all over the world. We had an opportunity to speak on the Marine Debris Panel, promoting examples of solutions for waste streams entering the ocean.

Highlights from the conference for our team included the designation of the marine reserve in Rapa Nui, and the increased focus on monitoring global fishing activities. Prior to our meeting with Secretary Kerry, we also had a minute to catch up with Sylvia Earle and Richard Branson, two inspiring ocean warriors. Overall, it was an incredible experience for our team, and great to see the efforts from a broad range of stakeholders working towards a healthier ocean!