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Jake Kilfoyle P4T

July 17, 2015 3 min read

Calm collected and living life to the absolute fullest, Jake Kilfoyle is an Oahu based professional stuntman, flying specialist and passionate surfer/skater. He speaks of horrifying adventure in the same tone as you would describe a leisurely stroll in the park. His idea of a fun afternoon is speed flying 70mph within an arm’s reach of a mountain face. His selection as a Bureo “Push For Tomorrow” rider, comes from his desire to push the limits of his sport, while understanding the importance of ocean preservation and a desire to preserve his natural playground for generations to come. 


Clearly his experience flying makes him at ease under dynamic conditions, and his connection to the ocean no doubt keeps him level. We recently caught up with Jake, as he shared some more insight into his flying and his project to sky surf on a Bureo Minnow. 

How long have you been flying? 

Jake - I’ve been sky diving 15yrs…..I started in Washington State. I’m fortunate that my flying has taken me all over the world, both cold and warm climates. 

Craziest jumps?

Jake - One of the craziest was landing in a shark tank, out in open water [surrounded by hungry sharks!]. I worked around shark boats for a few years, and we had an opportunity through a television company, who allowed us to come up with ideas. It was humbling experience, landing in a tank 3 miles out of Halewia harbor.

And you wingsuit as well?

Jake - Yes, actually the first time was when I jumped out of a plane and had Kirby Chambliss making loops around us with his plane….. with smoke coming off the back of the plane. It was crazy to fly in formation…. And then have a plane start doing loops around you. 

Yep, that sounds wild! What was it like flying with the Minnow?

 Jake - I enjoy challenging projects, and wanted to give the Minnow a shot. It was challenging, but I took the straps off my tow-in surfboard and drilled them to the deck of the skateboard. Then I just wanted huck out these flips….but I needed to slow down. Anytime you are thrown a new challenge it’s exciting, and you think through all the variables that might play out. It was really fun, and I’m looking forward to trying some more tricks! 

How is skating and Surfing related to you?

Jake - Anytime you skate to where you want to go, and you don’t have to deal with bull sh*t of normal travel…..it’s the way to go. I feel when I skate to surf, it gets me in the flow of surfing..….helps visualize turns on the way to the beach. I really started surfing when I moved to Hawaii 14yrs ago…and before I lived in Washington but it was cold and the waves were not powerful like Hawaii. Now I live 2 blocks away form the beach, and I keep my surfboards at my friend’s house on the water. Every morning, I grab a cup of joe and skate down the road on my Minnow and get into a good rhythm. I check the surf and don’t need to park or walk all over. Its a super convenient way to travel. 

And life on Oahu…not bad?

Jake - I love living out in the Country on Oahu, I still surf by myself a lot and it is amazing. I can just look down and see fish or monk seals or shells, and it feels like a blessing every morning. If you can’t appreciate that I’m not sure what your values are….but something is wrong. If you appreciate the water and how amazing it is, you should try to take part in cleanups, or just take one or two pieces of trash everyday….it helps. You have a choice to make this [world] a better place, and its up to you.