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March 02, 2015 2 min read

We recently teamed up with the Kokua Hawaii Foundation and their Plastic Free Hawaii program to present to over 1,400 students through 25 presentations at 10 schools across Oahu. It was a rad experience for our team to see all the school kids using reusable bottles and encouraging others to stop using plastics, recycle and help out on beach clean ups. Big thanks to Carol, Natalie, Rachel & Kim & Jack for sharing their time and resources with us!

During our stay in Oahu we cleaned a few beaches, including an MLK day cleanup by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Kokua Hawaii Foundation. We joined 400 volunteers to collect 3,900 pounds of waste off of Kahuku Beach. Receiving a few the gifts from the Pacific, we enjoyed several memorable surfs, as the North shore was filled with swell during our visit.

Hoping over to the Big Island, we arrived to a powerful swell wrapping around the west coast of the lava field landscape. Making the 2hr drive south out of Kona, we joined a strong team of over 160 volunteers led by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Wild Hawaii to comb South Point for pollution. Our knowledge and introduction to the work being done on the islands was led by, Kahi Pacarro, a local ocean activist and Director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Kahi is working hard in the trenches to keep HI beaches clean, and is outspoken when it comes to conveying awareness for plastic pollution.

As we saw firsthand, Hawaii’s coastlines are faced with an ongoing challenge, exposed to a flow of plastic pollution from the pacific gyre. It is comforting to see the amount of environmental activism and knowledge and energy of the community members. We are planning to get back to connect with the incredible network of activists and ocean warriors soon!