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January 15, 2015 1 min read

The first photo above captures Bureo and the Net Positiva team in Concepcion, with over 4 tonnes of materials prepared for recycling. Special thanks to Orlando and Ariel (pictured) for their efforts in this collection! 

 We have found a transition taking shape in our Net Positiva program. After months of washing fishing nets and working alongside the fishermen, a slow understanding developed around what the program is about. Showing our first skateboard was the first big ‘win’, an event that created a breakthrough. The fishermen could finally hold and feel the final product that was made with all this effort and their materials. Instead of confusion about the program and a perception of ‘trash’, we saw that the fishermen felt a source of pride in the product and a connection to the value of the material. This has resulted in them to take a higher priority in the management of their waste. 

In closing the first year of the program, Net Positiva partnered with six fishing syndicates and collected and recycled more than 10 tonnes of fishing nets. With future products currently in development and additional relationships blossoming, Bureo projects to achieve a multiple of this effort in 2015.