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December 17, 2013 1 min read

December is off to a whirlwind start for the team, balancing manufacturing requirements with the launch of recycling programs and a bit of travel. On a recent mission up North to La Serena, three long hot days of plastic waste collection were broken up with a few surf sessions (at a gem of a beach!) and meetings with local representatives.

Now dubbed the ‘Tres Gringos Locos’ by the locals, team Bureo has been received quite warmly by coastal communities who have appreciated sharing stories with the team and learning about the recycling program.

In La Serena, the hospitality included great support from our local CORFO contact Manuel, an epic home cooked meal from our fellow expat Ted, and even an authentic pirate dinner (complete with costumes) thanks to the local ‘Hermanos del Mar’ chapter.

Stoked on the whole trip, it was a successful mission with nearly one tonne of plastic waste secured for recycling early next year!