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November 18, 2013 1 min read

Relieved to escape the hustling streets of Santiago, Bureo visited Pichilemu this past weekend to visit the coveted Punta de Lobos surf break. Fortunate to find a 2-3 meter swell awaiting them, the team enjoyed a few sessions in the chilly waters cooled by the Humboldt Current.

Taking a sweep of the beach leading away from the main point, the team collected an assortment of plastic packaging, derelict fishing gear and countless cigarette filters.

Please support ‘Save the Waves’ in their 2014 ‘Unidos por Aguas Limpias (United for Clean Water)’ campaign and efforts to establish Punta de Lobos as a World Surfing Reserve! Special thanks for the hospitality and local insights from Benjamin and crew at the ‘Casa Verde’ eco resort. #LiveSimple #GoSurfing #ReducePlastic