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June 01, 2016 2 min read

After more than a year of development and testing the Bureo team is excited to announce the newest addition to the Bureo quiver, ‘The Ahi’! Designed to push the limits of skateboard innovation, the new board continues our mission to expand the solutions for discarded fishing net, with each board keeping an estimated 50 square feet of harmful fishing net waste from entering the ocean.

Joining the ‘Minnow’ in our quiver as a larger cruiser, the new board is marked by a concave deck, double kicktail and a wide riding platform. ‘The Ahi’ has been designed to give riders true performance with purpose. Carefully developed through extensive rider testing, the top deck features a gripping scale pattern and unique replacement grip pattern. To further our desire to surf the streets, we partnered with the industry renown team at Carver Skateboards to incorporate their CX-mini truck. Sourced through the Carver team, the CX trucks will be made locally in Los Angeles. Matching our local footprint, production for the ‘Ahi’ will be in Southern California from our recycled fishnet formula,l sustainably sourced through our Net+Positiva program in Chile.

Pioneers in skateboard truck design, Carver is widely respected for their quality products connecting surfers with their innovative ‘surfskates’. Designed with a reverse king pin, the CX Carver trucks allow the rider to pump the board like a surfboard, bridging the gap between surfing and skating. During the development of the ‘Ahi’, Carver athlete Josh Kerr was able to take a break from the Word Tour to assist in the product testing of ‘The Ahi’ in Venice, Calif.

 Expanding the quiver to include a second skateboard model, ‘The Ahi’ has contributed to continued growth in our Net Positiva recycling program. With a dedicated team on the ground in Chile, we will continue full time collection and make a commitment to expand to more communities.  

Set up in the small artisanal fishing village of Cocholgüe in Chile’s Bío Bío Region, we are now operating our Net+Positiva recycling program in fifteen communities within four major regions across Chile, with the goal to expand to six regions by the end of the year. Through the progression of Net+Positiva, we have been able to expand our solutions to discarded fishing gear, but also begin providing additional support to the communities most affected by these forms of waste. In early 2016, we launched our first community projects with local non-profit Fundación el Árbol, which currently includes a community composting center and an environmental education program for local children.

Performance with purpose.